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Wall Street Journal’s new look and design

Posted by lrath on January 10, 2007

Is there more space on the subway or are commuters reading a smaller sized Wall Street Journal (WSJ)? The recent redesign of the WSJ reduces the overall paper size by 20%, or three inches — which is about one column. According to the WSJ, the redesign could improve delivery times since the new size is an industry standard and can be printed at other press sites; will save the paper about $18 million a year; will present the news in an easier-to-read format; is easier to handle, especially during commutes; and hopes to attract younger readers.

What will change?

  • There will be a 10% loss of news space, but most of the reduction will be taken from the market statistics (that means fewer statistics in the print version)
  • The free online Markets Data Center will provide an array of financial data (including stock prices) that was previously in the print version; other online tools will also be available
  • Articles will be more analytical
  • New features include the Informed Reader, the Wealth Report, Breaking Views, and more room for reader letters

The WSJ is available at the Newman Library. Current print issues are at the Periodicals-Circulation Desk; past issues are on Microfilm on the 3rd floor (shelved by title); and electronically in several databases (both current and historical).

To access the electronic version: click on Newspapers in the Search & Find section of the library’s homepage; then click on Full text Journal and type in the name of the newspaper to see what databases provide access to the paper.


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