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CLICS – CUNY’s Book Delivery Service

Posted by lrath on February 28, 2007

CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Services (CLICS) allows you to request circulating books from any CUNY library to be delivered to any other CUNY library for you to pick up. If Baruch’s Newman Library does not have a book that you need, but you notice the book is available at Hunter College, you can request that book to be delivered to Baruch’s Newman Library …. or to the Brooklyn College library if that is more convenient for you. Delivery usually takes two days, but may take longer when requests are made on weekends or holidays.

  • Requests are made through the library’s catalog (CUNY+); choose Books under the Search & Find section of the library’s homepage to connect to the catalog (after connecting, you may need to choose Select all CUNY Libraries at the top of the page before searching for books)
  • After locating a book at another library, click on the college’s name under the Holdings column; then click on Request when the holdings record appears, and follow the directions

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Ethics Week 2007

Posted by lrath on February 28, 2007

**Update** Portions of the Academic Integrity Conference were recorded. The video can be viewed via the Baruch College Digital Media Library.

Set aside March 5-10 to attend Ethics Week 2007 events that include the ethics bowl (debate competition), events with special guests, and the Academic Integrity Conference. Some topics of the special events include:

  • The Ethics of Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Taxes and Justice
  • Healthy TV: Media, Ethics, and Consumer-driven Drug Advertising
  • Corporate Integrity in the Global Market (**Update** View video of this event.)

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job$mart Career Hour Program

Posted by lrath on February 15, 2007

Research isn’t always about searching databases and books. Valuable information can be found by talking or listening to people with information to share (including ideas, opinions and experiences), and the Executives On Campus Program provides such opportunies. Check out the EOC website for upcoming guest speakers.

Another notable EOC activity is the job$mart Career Hour, which presents a series of panel discussions with visiting professionals from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. They are held throughout the semester and are free (only open to the Baruch community).  The Spring 2007 calendar includes discussions about entrepreneurship, networking, sponsorship issues for international students, real estate careers, advice for marketing careers, being a banker, finance executives’ experiences, and accounting tips.

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SPSS 15.0 for Windows now available

Posted by lrath on February 5, 2007

**Make sure you read the newer post about SPSS 16.0**

The statistical and data management software program SPSS 15.0 for Windows is now available on the Graduate Workstations. Click on the SPSS 15.0 icon on the desktop to launch the program.

According to the BCTC announcement, it will also be available in campus labs and on laptops loaned by the library.

The license allows for 50 concurrent users at one time. Please exit the software when you are not using it, so others can access the program. Please note that BCTC is acquiring a separate license for Mac users.

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Academic Integrity Conference

Posted by lrath on February 5, 2007

**Update** Portions of the Academic Integrity Conference were recorded. The video can be viewed via the Baruch College Digital Media Library.

Concerned about cheating and plagiarism on campus? Concerned about the effects of academic dishonesty on your college’s reputation? Ever wonder how an environment of academic honesty can be promoted?

Please attend the CUNY-wide Academic Integrity Conference which hopes to promote a vibrant discussion among students, faculty, and administrators about issues of integrity across the university. Participants will be invited to discuss their ideas and strategies for engendering ethical campus communities. The conference and luncheon are free and open to all CUNY students, faculty, and administrators. Please register by March 2, 2007.

When: Friday, March 9, 2007
Where: Baruch College, Library Building (151 E. 25th St), 7th Floor

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Climate Change 2007 Report

Posted by lrath on February 2, 2007

On February 2nd, the Intergovernmental Panel on Global Change (IPCC) announced global warming is most likely caused by human activity. Their report “describes progress in understanding of the human and natural drivers of climate change, observed climate change, climate processes and attribution, and estimates of projected future climate change.” This will most likely be an important document for governments and policymakers, and will impact business operations.

The Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis: Summary for Policymakers report is available on the IPCC website.

The IPCC was established by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Their role is to “assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.”

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Free Annual Reports

Posted by lrath on February 1, 2007

Do you need annual reports from a few companies? Is the balance on your student print allocation running low? Do you find it hard to read annual reports online? Don’t have enough paper at home to print out all of those reports?

A solution is to request annual reports through the Public Register’s Annual Report Servive (PRARS) or through the Wall Street Journal Online Annual Reports service. Both services are free and allow you to request reports from several companies at once. Reports should be received fairly quickly in the mail.

According to their websites, PRARS provides reports to over 3,600 public companies and the Wall Street Journal service provides reports to over 3,500 (new companies are added weekly). Please note that some companies only provide electronic files to their annual reports.

You can also check the library’s catalog (CUNY+) for annual reports held in the library, but they must stay in the library.

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