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CLICS – CUNY’s Book Delivery Service

Posted by lrath on February 28, 2007

CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Services (CLICS) allows you to request circulating books from any CUNY library to be delivered to any other CUNY library for you to pick up. If Baruch’s Newman Library does not have a book that you need, but you notice the book is available at Hunter College, you can request that book to be delivered to Baruch’s Newman Library …. or to the Brooklyn College library if that is more convenient for you. Delivery usually takes two days, but may take longer when requests are made on weekends or holidays.

  • Requests are made through the library’s catalog (CUNY+); choose Books under the Search & Find section of the library’s homepage to connect to the catalog (after connecting, you may need to choose Select all CUNY Libraries at the top of the page before searching for books)
  • After locating a book at another library, click on the college’s name under the Holdings column; then click on Request when the holdings record appears, and follow the directions

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