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Trial Databases – “Test drive” a database

Posted by lrath on March 20, 2007

No, trial databases do not cover court proceedings or contain transcripts from Judge Judy episodes. Libraries often set up temporary accounts with publishers of databases so users and librarians can evaluate a product. This means library users have access to trial databases (many covering interesting topics or having unique information) for a short period of time. Based on user feedback, pricing, content, and how well the information in a database supports the curriculum, a library will decide whether or not to purchase it or subscribe to it.

Where are the trial databases? In the same place as the regular databases (the library’s Databases page). How do you access them? ….

You may notice that some of our databases will have the word “TRIAL” after a title when looking in the alphabetical listing of databases.
Or, when searching for databases by subject, you can change the selection to “Trial”.

Make sure you take advantage of these trial databases and provide feedback to the library. Let us know your thoughts about: the database’s usefulness, the ease of use, the quality of the content, depth/breadth of content, usefulness of search engine, output options, and the interface. You can send your feedback via the library’s comments page.


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