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Graduate Study Carrels – Student Input

Posted by lrath on April 18, 2007

Room 444 in Newman Library contains 11 carrels (or cubicles) for graduate students to use as study space. Keys can be checked out at the Circulation Desk, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Keys can be kept for the entire day, but make sure you return them to the Circulation Desk before the desk closes so you do not get a fine. Besides cubicles, the room also contains lockers.

The room does not contain access to the Internet (wired or wireless) or outlets for laptops, as it is meant to be a quiet space for study. Typing on a keyboard and audio files/noises from websites and laptops can disturb the quiet environment.

Student Input: Do you think this space should change to include Internet access or outlets for laptops, which is needed for today’s research and work environment? Do you think the room should remain as a “safe haven” for students seeking quiet spaces, which is hard to find on campus? Are there other solutions or perspectives to this issue? Please add your comment(s).


2 Responses to “Graduate Study Carrels – Student Input”

  1. Garner Wong said

    Internet access should definitely be available. Personally I do not believe typing is not intrusive enough to disturb others. Also the air circualation in the room is horrible and with some reorganization we could have more carrels in the space, if the ventialtion improves.

  2. EC said

    I didn’t know this was available to grad students. I think it is great but it should definitely have wireless internet access + outlets.

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