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Wertheim Study at NYPL

Posted by lrath on April 23, 2007

The Wertheim Study, at NYPL, is intended to serve individuals engaged in research projects (e.g., book, article, dissertation, etc.) requiring extended use of items housed in The New York Public Library’s Humanities and Social Sciences Library’s General Research Division. The main advantage in using the quiet study is that books from the General Research Division may be held on an assigned shelf for up to 30 days before being returned. The study contains three reading room tables, with eight chairs at each table. Laptops may be used in the study. The first term of assignment is for three months, with two renewals, of three months each, possible upon request. The Wertheim Study is open during all public service hours for the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

For more information and application procedures, inquire in the Office of Special Collections (Room 316) or e-mail

Applicants for the study must also obtain an ACCESS card, which is required for use of The Research Libraries.


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