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American Accounting Association Journals – Library Database

Posted by lrath on December 11, 2007

Access the full text of American Accounting Association journals via the library’s databases page. Most journals contain articles from 1999 to the present. Some of these journals can be found in other library databases, however those databases often have a 1 year embargo (meaning the current year is not accessible), while the American Accounting Association database often has the current year’s journals. Journals in this database:

  • Accounting and the Public Interest
  • Accounting Horizons
  • The Accounting Review
  • Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory
  • Behavioral Research in Accounting
  • Current Issues in Auditing
  • Issues in Accounting Education
  • Issues in Accounting Education – Teaching Notes
  • Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting
  • Journal of Information Systems
  • Journal of Information Systems – Teaching Notes
  • Journal of International Accounting Research
  • Journal of Legal Tax Research
  • Journal of Management Accounting Research
  • Journal of the American Taxation Association 

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