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Sharing Presentations with SlideShare

Posted by lrath on April 11, 2008

You’ve done your research, organized your information, and are now ready to present your work. You may want to upload your PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice, or PDF files to the FREE site called SlideShare, which allows you to share presentations on the Web.

What are some benefits of SlideShare?

  • If you can access the SlideShare site, you can access your presentation(s)
  • It can be a good backup for a lost/malfunctioning flash drive (or storage for those without a flash drive)
  • Doing a group presentation? Everyone can access the file (no emailing large PowerPoint files to group members; no excuses for not practicing)
  • You can make the slideshow public, or restrict viewing to a “private” list so only you and your chosen contacts can view/present it.
  • Save paper. Instead of printing the presentation, give your audience the URL to it.
  • You can embed your slideshow into your own blogs and websites and post it to social networking sites


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