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Gartner database

Posted by lrath on May 7, 2008

Gartner, a market research and advisory firm, is a leading provider of research in IT markets. If you are doing research about new technology issues, tech companies or tech markets, Gartner’s reports, briefings, news analysis and online Webcasts will be valuable. Gartner reports are unique in that they tie together issues and industry applications. They do this by linking IT topics (in 27 Focus Areas) like CRM, enterprise management and communications services with the industries where they are applied including education, banking, retail, healthcare and manufacturing. 

To access Gartner: You must use the CUNY Portal. Sign in to your portal account and you will see “Gartner” in the SSO applications box (scroll down in the page). Click on this link and you will be in the Gartner site.

Gartner Handout: Click on the handout above to learn about the reports found in Gartner and how to search the database.


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