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Group Practice Room Now Available

Posted by lrath on January 29, 2009

The Practice Room , room 636 in the 6th floor computing lab of the Library/Technology Building, is available to Baruch College students to practice their class presentations using the same technology (podium, projector, computer) that is found in Baruch’s smart classrooms.

You can borrow the key for the room at the Newman Library circulation/reserve desk. The keys are charged out for a 1-hour loan or until 10 minutes before the desk closes, whichever is earlier. Groups are allowed one renewal (for the same loan period), if no other group is waiting.


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Free Fax Service Offered by BCTC

Posted by lrath on October 9, 2008

BCTC now offers free fax service.*
Location: 6th floor of the William & Anita Library Building (151 E. 25th St.) in the BCTC Computer Lab.

This service only supports out-going calls to NYC area codes and toll free numbers, which include: 212, 347, 516, 631, 646, 718, 800, 866, 877, 888, 914, and 917.

*Baruch College students are invited to test an on-campus fax service. The service supports only the sending of a fax; faxes cannot be received at the machine. The results of the test will determine whether the service will be put into production in the main computing lab and other locations on campus.

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SPSS upgrade

Posted by lrath on March 18, 2008

The SPSS software on the Graduate Workstations in Newman Library will be upgraded from version 15 to 16. The upgrade will start late Thursday (3/20) and continue into Friday (3/21). Access to SPSS will not be available until the upgrade is complete. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems and access will resume on Friday.

If you are not able to access SPSS in the library, you may want to try the BCTC 6th floor computing lab in the same building. Please note that the upgrade may effect access there as well.

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ArcGIS software available

Posted by lrath on October 30, 2007

Need to create a map showing the number of bars and restaurants operating in a certain zip code? Or do you need to analyze asthma rates by neighborhood? If you have the data, ArcGIS can help you do this.

ArcGIS is a commercial Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software package produced by a company called ESRI. It is used for geographic analysis, geographic database management, and map making.

The software is available in several locations at Baruch, including:

  • BCTC lab: the south side of the 6th floor (to the right of the turnstile at the back of the room)
  • Newman Library: on the Graduate Student Workstations on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors (graduate students only)
  • Vertical Campus (VC): in several labs on the 6th floor

Current members of the Baruch community who are interested in learning ArcGIS can enroll for free online courses as part of the ESRI Virtual Campus.

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SPSS 15.0 for Windows now available

Posted by lrath on February 5, 2007

**Make sure you read the newer post about SPSS 16.0**

The statistical and data management software program SPSS 15.0 for Windows is now available on the Graduate Workstations. Click on the SPSS 15.0 icon on the desktop to launch the program.

According to the BCTC announcement, it will also be available in campus labs and on laptops loaned by the library.

The license allows for 50 concurrent users at one time. Please exit the software when you are not using it, so others can access the program. Please note that BCTC is acquiring a separate license for Mac users.

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